Lavender + Bergamot White Ceramic 3 Wick Candle

Close your eyes and transport to a sun-drenched day, immersed in the comforting scents of lavender and bergamot with fragrant undertones of sweet citrus and cedar. The perfect companion for moments spent nestled in your favorite chair indulging in a good book, this 3-wick ceramic soy candle is crafted with natural essential oils that exude a luxurious, calming aura.

Features - Wax weight: 26oz of 100% soy wax - 3 cotton wicks - Nontoxic fragrance oils infused with essential oils - Neutral cream ceramic vessel with a matte finish - Upscale gold foil dust cover to protect candle and fit in a higher-end setting - Approx. 70 hour burn time - We recommend this size for large living areas - 5% of Calyan revenue is donated to end trafficking in the USA - Handcrafted by our magnificent team in Texas Simple Ingredients - 14.9 oz. natural soy wax grown in America - Phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils - 3 (three) metal-free cotton wicks

  • $58