How do I infuse?

Fill the vessel with your favorite spirit (or hot water for a mocktail).

Chill {infuse} for three days.

Shake + Pour a shot into your glass and sip as is or add your favorite mixer.

Recipes can be found on the QR Code on each label or click here.


Can I use the Cocktail Infusion to make mocktails?

Absolutely! Instead of filling the vessel with a spirit, you can fill the infuse jar with hot water and let steep. Then follow the same recipes located on the QR Code or here.


Do I only put the spirit in the jar to infuse?

Yes, you fill the infuse jar with spirit {liquor} only.


Do you have cocktail recipes?

Yes! Scan the QR Code on the label for a variety of recipes for each flavor we offer or click here.


What is a mixer?

In the context of cocktails, a mixer is a non-alcoholic ingredient added to the drink to enhance its flavor, texture, and volume. Mixers can include a wide variety of liquids and other substances.


Common types of mixers include:

  • Sodas and Soft Drinks: Examples include tonic water, club soda, cola, and lemon-lime soda.
  • Juices: Such as orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and tomato juice.
  • Syrups: Simple syrup, grenadine, and flavored syrups like mint or raspberry.
  • Bitters: Although used in small amounts, bitters like Angostura bitters are common mixers.
  • Other Liquids: Ingredients like coffee, tea, and coconut water can also be used as mixers.
  • Dairy Products: Milk, cream, and coconut milk.


Mixers are used to balance the strong flavors of the alcohol, add complexity to the drink, and provide a pleasant drinking experience.


How do I know which flavor goes best with a certain alcohol type such as vodka, gin, bourbon, rum, etc?

You can select the spirit varietal on our website and we will show you which flavors pair well with that specific spirit. Or you can click here and select “Shop By Spirit”.


How many cocktails does each infusion make?

The Southern Spirit Cocktail Infusions make up to 10 cocktails per infusion. You can infuse the same infuse jar up to three times – totaling up to 30 cocktails!


How long after infusing do I have to enjoy The Southern Spirit?

We recommend enjoying your infusion within 30 days of infusion.


How long do I have to infuse?

The shelf life of each Cocktail Infusion is one year.


Once I infuse and start making cocktails, how long is the infusion good for?

Once you infusion with other ingredients or mixers, it is good for as long as the other ingredients remain fresh. For example, if you add mint and Sprite to the Cucumber Breeze to make a pitcher of mojitos, it will last until the mint and Sprite are no longer fresh.


Do I need to refrigerate my Cocktail Infusion?

You do not.  We recommend keeping it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight/heat.


Can I infuse the same ingredients a second time?

YES!  In fact, you can infuse up to three times making up to 30…yes, up to 30 cocktails per jar.


Where do your ingredients come from?

Most of our produce is sourced from our local grocer, H-E-B, which prioritizes supporting local communities by choosing products from Texans and their businesses before looking out of state. Additionally, because these products travel fewer miles to our stores, local sourcing helps us all shop more sustainably.

When we are not hand-slicing and dehydrating fresh produce ourselves, we source dehydrated ingredients from US-based farmers and companies.


Do your Cocktail Infusions contain gluten?

Celiac Disease runs strong in Micah's family. We are currently in the process of obtaining the necessary certifications. While we cannot legally claim to be gluten-free certified at this time, it is important to us to offer the cleanest ingredients, excluding wheat, barley, rye, and other gluten-related ingredients.


What is your refund policy on the cocktail infusions?

Because our cocktail infusions are a consumable item, all sales are final.


If damaged during shipment or you received the incorrect flavor, then we are more than happy to exchange the item for you. Picture(s) of the damaged item still in the shipment and order details is required and must be sent within 7 business days of arrival before replacement is applied. Please email the required information to Support@TheSouthernSpirit.com


Please verify the shipping address before placing your order. Once the shipment leaves our warehouses we are not in control of the shipment (we wish we were!) No refunds or exchanges can be offered for shipments that are returned undeliverable, stolen or lost. 




I am a Retailer and would love to share The Southern Spirit in my store. Where can I learn more wholesale information?

This is amazing to hear! The Southern Spirit offers wholesale opportunities through our handcrafted Cocktail Infusions and are available to select Retailers across the U.S.  Please click here to learn next steps in applying to be a Retailer.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Support@TheSouthernSpirit.com. We are happy to help!