Sophie Blanket

This simple yet elegant looking blanket is made from 100% Turkish cotton, and has a natural, cream cotton base in a modern herringbone pattern that features vertical black stripes. It is a perfect all-weather blanket; large and cozy, yet lightweight and breathable! Bedspread-sized, It is made to fit a full-queen sized bed and bonus-this beauty is double-sided, with contrasting cream and black hues on each side. With a Boho Farmhouse look, The Sophie blanket will make a gorgeous addition to your home.

Full to Queen Size blanket 65” x 85” (167 x 220 cm)

Medium weight blanket / 45oz (1300g)

100% Turkish Cotton

Please note that all blankets can slightly vary in size, weight, and color. They can also have wrinkles and tiny blemishes, which makes them natural and unique.